HAND WASH:  I hand wash & pressure rinse the vehicle.  Then, I chemically clean the wheels & wheel wells, to remove all brake dust.  Lastly, I chamois dry the exterior, dress the tires, vacuum, & clean the windows.

WASH & WAX:  I hand wash as above, hand wax exterior, detail by removing wax from crevices, & polish chrome.

BUFF & WAX:  I hand wash as above.  I machine buff the exterior paint to remove lite oxidation, scratches, & marks from all painted surfaces.  Then, I detail as explained above.

INTERIOR DETAIL:  I shampoo, clean, & detail every inch, inside the vehicle.  I clean the door jams and pressure wash all floor mats.

CLAY BAR: Clay barring gradually removes any imperfections (ie: hard water spots, paint overspray, & industrial fallout) on top of the hard, flat, smooth finish of the exterior. 

FULL DETAIL:  I hand wash to clean in the tight corners to remove any exterior dead rubber from window seals, tires, & bumpers.  Then, I machine buff the paint to remove lite oxidation, scratches, & marks.  I then hand wax & detail the exterior by removing wax from the crevices, polish the chrome, chemically remove any brake dust from wheels & wheel wells, and dress the rubber.  Also, the engine compartment is degreased & pressure washed, along with door jams, spare tire, gas filler, & frame of auto.  Then, I shampoo & detail 100% of the interior.  Lastly, I pressure wash floor mats & reassemble any vehicle parts removed for detailing.



I remove the headboard from the vehicle.  Then, I completely remove the deteriorated foam & cloth from the board.  I then attach new headliner material & foam to the board, using cabinet glue which gets stronger with age.  I also attach the material to the top of the board an inch all the way around the board so when it starts to shrink & deteriorate, it can not fall around the edges as it does from the factory.  Then I reinstall the headboard into the vehicle.  If needed & wanted, I can also recover sun visors & sun roof slide panels.



I safely raise your motorcycle on a hydraulic lift for better access.  Then I remove the windshield, seat, saddlebags, and anything else easily removed.  I start by thoroughly chemically washing every inch of the bike & all parts.  I blow dry bike & parts for a spot free finish.  I then buff & fix  paint imperfections.  I apply two coats of teflon & resin for a permanent wax coating.  I remove any wax from crevices, polish all chrome & aluminum, & treat leather.  Lastly, I reinstall any parts removed for better  cleaning.



I empty all exterior compartments before I begin.  I start from the roof to chemically wash the entire exterior including awnings, slide outs, & compartments.  I compound the exterior to a smooth, nonporous finish.  Then, I buff the exterior with a polish to remove dirt, compound material, & buffer swirls.  I  then, hand wax complete exterior with a quality paint sealant for a longer lasting finish.  I detail exterior by removing all wax from crevices, polish chrome, dress the tires, & clean the windows.



I empty all compartments, boat gear, & cushions.  I start by chemically washing the entire boat, inside & out.  I then wet sand the sun deteriorated gel coat, compound the sanded gel coat back to an even shine, & buff the entire boat with a marine polish, to remove buffer swirls, dirt & compound.  I then apply a good marine wax by hand, to entire boat, inside & out.  I finish the detail by removing any wax from crevices, polish all chrome & aluminum, & apply a treatment to all vinyl & rubber.



HEADLIGHT RESTORATION:  Removal of sun burnt outer layer of plastic lens, using multiple grits of wet sandpaper.  Then, I bring the non-porous, smooth surface back to a clear lens, using 3M compound & sealing with a permanent sealant.


Custom Trunks:  Vinyl cover trunk panels with raised lettering & designs.

Pin-striping:  Pin-stripe an unpin-striped vehicle.  Remove old pin-striping & replace with new pin-striping.

IMPROVEMENTS & PROTECTION:  Engine & engine compartment painting, using factory colors.  Permanent paint sealants.  Waxes that contain teflon & resins, that seal the paint, brighten the color, gives a deeper shine, cleans easier, & provides ultra violet protection, to allow paint finish to last much longer.